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Yusuke Sakai

研究テーマ / Research topic


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Research Theme

Development of an Assist Suit with a Rigid Frame and Soft Actuator

Research Background

Currently in Japan, the demand for assistive suits is increasing due to the increase in demand for nursing care, mail order, and transportation. However, the assistive suits that have been put to practical use assist by fixing the joints and limiting the direction of movement, which inhibits free movement.

On the other hand, research on cloth-like actuators with a high degree of freedom of deformation using artificial muscles is in progress. By using these actuators as assistants, it is hoped that assistive suits can be developed that do not interfere with the free movement of joints. However, the part of the body to which the force is applied is also deformed, such as by warping, and the force cannot be transmitted properly.

Therefore, a frame that follows the body surface is introduced at a position where it does not interfere with movement. The goal is to develop an assistive suit that can transmit force effectively without shifting while maintaining joint freedom.


Future Prospects

We will develop a prototype of an assist suit for the upper body trunk, which has a relatively large surface area for change. Based on the findings, we will extend the suit to the whole body and apply it to the shoulder joint, which has a high degree of freedom.












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