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研究テーマ / Research topic

Position sensorless control by EEMF // EEMF推定法による位置センサレス制御

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What are you studying?

About “Motor control method”.

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Motors are applied to various fields such as electric appliance,
industry, electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and so on. The power consumption of the motor accounts for about 60% of Japan in 2005 (Mr. Nakamichi, Nikkei Electronics “Energy saving of motor saves Japan.”, 2011 (in Japanese), View: 2019/07/05), and it is expected to be further expanded in the future. Therefore, further improvement in motor performance (higher power density, higher efficiency, lower cost, improved robustness, etc.) will be an increasingly important issue in the future.

Why do you study motor “ control methods”?

Since the performance will be improved simply by rewriting the control software without changing the motor itself !!!

What kind of “control method” are you studying ?

We are researching a control method that can reduce the number of devices required to drive a motor simply by rewriting control software.
If the required equipment can be reduced simply by rewriting the program, a lot of merits, for example, the space for human use can be increased, the price can be reduced, and the possibility of equipment destruction decreases.

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In the past, information required for motor control was acquired by attaching a physical sensor.
Here, we improve the control software and create something like a virtual motor model in the control computer.
This allows us to estimate the required information and control without sensors.
We are especially working on position sensorless control.
With this control method, we aim to reduce the size and cost of the motor drive system and improve robustness.

In particular, consider a case that improves manual steering to automatic steering, for example, an autonomous car.
It means that AI (Artificial Intelligence) instructs and operates the motor.
Therefore, if the motor fails, it can not be used for AI, and improving the motor’s fault tolerance is an important issue.

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モータは家電・産業機械・電気自動車をはじめとする移動体など、様々な分野で使用されています。その消費電力は2005年の段階で日本国内の約6割を占めており(中道理, 日経エレクトロニクス”モータの省エネが日本を救う。”, 2011 , 閲覧:2019/07/05)、今後も更なる使用用途の拡大が予想されます。そのため、モータの更なる性能向上(高出力・高効率化、低コスト化、耐故障性の向上など)は、今後ますます重要な課題になると考えられます。